Dancing the Earth

Hello, my name is Marina, aka @dancingtheearth.

I’m a France-based creative traveling the world as a dancer, a photographer and a writer, seeking the extraordinary in everyday. This blog is a place where I’m putting down my thoughts. Somewhere I can let them run vulnerable and for that to be ok. I hope this sharing inspires you to draw closer to your passion – as it has me to mine – and to consider the world as precious and connected, rather than fierce and unfamiliar. And that it will gives you the nudge you need to chase your dream.

My journey to live a happier, simpler and more eco-friendly life has started in 2018, after seeing the movie Tomorrow. And I’m trying my best everyday to avoid single-use things, plastic, and fast-fashion. If you are somewhere in there, or if you’re willing to but don’t know how to start, I hope that you will find the tips you need here. And if not, you can always send me an email or DM me on Instagram.

Above and beyond my need for self-expression and creativity, I want this blog to be useful for you, a tool you can use for trip-planning or inspiration.

Explore often, consume mindfully.

For business inquiries, please reach out to me here.

Dancing the earth
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