New Zealand

I first set my foot in New Zealand in January 2020 after a few months of visa application and planning, excited to discover a whole new world. Little did I know that New Zealand will change my life forever.

I discovered a country at the end of the world, which seemed to have it all: nice people, temperate climate, lush and often unspoiled nature, and most of all, landscapes that would take my breath away every single day!

After 26 months in New Zealand, I can affirm that it is one of my favorite countries in the world, if not the one! I am sharing here a piece of this corner of the world, in hopes that you can live it and breath it through my photos. And hopefully, with the help of my articles, you will be able to plan your perfect New Zealand holiday!

My New Zealand guides are for everyone, photographer & outdoors lovers, cities & foodies, etc. I divided it into four sections for both the North Island and the South Island: road trip itineraries, photography, hiking and travel guides.

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