10 Reasons Why You Should Travel With a Campervan

If you’ve never taken a road trip before in your life, consider this an encouragement to do so! After exploring all of New Zealand in a car and a roof-tent from January 2020 to March 2022, I wanted to try a fully equipped self-contained campervan for my trip to Andalusia last April. I wanted to find again this feeling of freedom but with the comfort and convenience of a home-on-wheel. And boy did I find it! My tiny house on wheels gave me all the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while having all the modern comfort one need. Keep reading to find out the 10 reasons why you should take a campervan road trip. 

Road trips, and especially campervan road trips, are arguably the best way to get the most out of the places you visit – you’re free to stop wherever you please for however long you please. You don’t have to worry about rushing from one bus stop/train station/airport to another. You can adjust your itinerary according to your will and of course the weather! And you won’t be missing out on the scenic routes the country has to offer. Traveling in a van means you are able to travel anywhere in the comfort of your own home. I really think it’s the ultimate form of freedom and flexibility with a simpler way of living.

I traveled through Andalusia with the Campeo Campervan which is a fully self-contained van of 2m large, 2.5m high and about 5.5m long. If you want to do the same, I’ve put together the Ultimate 2 Weeks Road Trip Itinerary in Andalusia for you!

Campervan Travel, Dunas de Valdevaqueros, by Dancing the Earth

What I Love About Campervan Travel

1. It’s a true Comfortable Home-on-Wheels

Campervan travel gives you the freedom to roll around in a self-contained vehicle designed to make the most of a small space. My campervan had everything I needed, like my tiny Parisian apartment!

Tiny home on wheels

It has a real and comfortable double foam mattress, with all the sleeping items (pillows, blankets, linens). It means that, unlike a small van (or a rooftent) where you have to fold and unfold your bed everytime you hit the road, your bed is always here ready to be used!

It also features a fully equipped kitchen with two-burner gas cooker and a large fridge. With plenty of storage space for food and all the essential kitchen utensils, it was easy to store all our supplies for a few days. It is quite spacious and very pleasant to cook in.

Although, probably the biggest advantage of a campervan is the integrated bathroom, with toilet and hot shower! The flush is fed from the water tank, and a curtain protects the toilet while you shower. And believe me, a hot shower is a real luxury after a day of exploring, and especially in winter/shoulder seasons. The toilet tank is easy to empty and has an indicator to show the fill level. So it is for the clean water tank and the wastewater tank.

Other equipments

A self-contained fully equipped campervan like ours also have a secondary battery, different from the main battery of the motor. The secondary battery can last for around two days, and is also powered with solar panels, giving you even more autonomy. It can be used to put on the stationary heater, which can be used when the van is parked. So there’s no risk of getting cold, even at night! There’s also electrical outlets for you to charge your computer, camera or phone, and spotlights everywhere to make your evening cosy! The campervan I travelled with also has mosquito nets on every windows, so that your little piece of haven is bug free at night.

The main advantage of traveling with a campervan is truly the combination of free exploration and home comfort.

2. It Offers Freedom & Flexibility

My personal favorite part of campervan travel is the incredibly flexibility and freedom it gives you.

Have you ever fallen in love with a place and wished you could stay longer? Or have you heard about a ‘must see’ sight from the locals which you wanted to add to your schedule? Or maybe you just had a few days of rain and couldn’t do all you wanted, nor change plans accordingly?

Having no constraints on hotel checkout times, and no worrying about train schedules and bus times give you complete freedom of choice and the ability to change your itinerary whenever and however you want. And that’s exactly what we did in Andalusia.

We had an idea of the itinerary we wanted to take, with a few stops that were top priorities to visit and some others that were more optional. We decided to go with the flow, stopping where we wanted to and skipping places that were eventually not of our liking. Each night, my partner and I would look for a scenic spot to park for the night, cook, drink wine and just enjoy the place.

3. It’s a Money Saver

Campervan travel is often cheaper than renting a car and a hotel room or an apartment. Gone are the costs of accommodation as many countries welcome and encourage campers by providing free camping spots. When it comes to finding a place to stay for the night, we often use Park4Night that shows you the exact locations of free spots or paid campsites, with the provided facilities.

My Andalusian road trip was a lot cheaper than most of my typical travels, and I usually travel quite cheap. Not only did we save on accommodation, we also cooked in the van almost everyday and saved on food. Because we spent more time nature, we also saved on expenses we would have spent in cities. Traveling in a camper van is definitely much more budget-friendly than flying and staying at hotels.

Although it is less fuel-efficient than a car, it is way better than the massive motorhomes. On 7 days, we only had to refill petrol once towards the end, after driving about 700 kms.

Andalusia road-trip itinerary, Bornos freecamp, by Dancing the Earth

4. It Offers Convenience

Many of the decisions about where I park and sleep depend on what I will be doing the next day. If I plan to go on a hike or a bike trail, for example, I will park up close the evening before so I don’t have to get up super early or travel too far. On the opposite, if it has been an exhausting day I also have the convenience of crashing right where I finish.

It also means you can just head to the back of your van and boil the kettle for a cup of tea or coffee whenever you feel like it. Having a home on wheels means everything is at your fingertips.

A campervan being smaller than a motorhome, it’s also easier to drive with, especially in windy and narrow roads like in Andalusia.

5. It’s Packing Made Easy

One of my favorite things about traveling in a campervan is the comfort factor. I don’t need to pack and unpack every couple of days, nor do I have to hold in my pee in search of a bathroom or struggling outside in the middle of a hot afternoon when all I want to do is lie down and take a nap.

A campervan usually will have lots of storage space. As mentioned above, there’s plenty of storage in the kitchen, but also cupboards in the living area, in the bathroom and above the bed. There’s also space under the bed to store your suitcases and other bulky accessories or sports equipment (surfing, etc.). It’s so handy and comfortable to be able to unpack and put away all your stuff, without having to step on it! Everything is made to make you feel at home the second you step in. The closet is another great advantage of the Campeo Campervan I rented. You can store your coats and jackets in it, and leave the other storage for the rest of your clothes.

6. You Get to Connect with Nature

Campervan travel often rythms with nature freecamps, meaning you can really unwind from your daily hectic life and truly enjoy being on holidays. Waking up on the beach, next to a lake or in the mountains will fill your mind with a multitude of positive emotions.

It is scientifically proven than spending time in nature helps to reduce stress, bring calmness to your mind, improve your mood and boost your self-esteem. It can also facilitate creativity and help you be more active.

This time in Andalusia, we did find some incredibly scenic spots to park on! We camped on beaches, next to some lakes, on some hills in between Pueblos Blancos overlooking winding valleys… I’ve linked them all in my Ultimate Andalusia Roadtrip Itinerary so have a read to decide for yourself!

7. You Travel Slower and Deeper

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Ralph Waldo

Indeed, a big part of the fun when traveling in a campervan is the road trip itself. Nothing beats driving on some of the most beautiful country roads to head to the off-the-beaten-path locations, of course while listening to a good playlist! You’ll stop where you want, discover hidden gems you would have missed otherwise, drive a little bit further to enjoy the views and a coffee break, and overall see and experience more of the country!

What I loved this time in Andalusia was the perfect mix of historical cities, some famous and some lesser known White Villages, and some countrysides spots that are not in your guidebooks and maps. Because a campervan is smaller than a motorhome, we were still able to visit big cities such a Seville and Cordoba and travel through narrow windy roads to villages on top of hills. It really has the best of both worlds, bigger than a car and smaller than a motorhome.

8. You Consume and Waste Less

While traveling in our campervan, it becomes very obvious how much water you are spending and how much waste you are producing.

Because you have to physically empty your wastewater, and fill up your clean water, you can really see the amount of water you use each time to wash your plates, brush your teeth or take a quick shower. Our Campeo Campervan has a 100L clean water tank and a 90L wastewater tank, which lasted up to 4 days for two people (and I’m sure you can do better!).

It’s also the same with the trash bin as, depending where you are, you are not always able to empty it everyday. And trust me, in a small home-on-wheels, trash accumulate quickly. As I’m already familiar with not using plastic, composting and recycling, we didn’t have too much trash in the van.

9. It’s a Friendly Community

The campervan travellers has a great community around it. You’ll find many resources online from more experienced people who give great tips and tricks. Plus, van lifers and travellers are some of the friendlier and more open-minded people you’ll encounter during your travels. Especially when staying in freecamps, we’ve met strangers who became friends both in New Zealand and Spain.

10. You Get to Watch the Sunset Everyday

This is probably my favorite thing to do while traveling in campervan. Because, let’s be honest, how often do you watch the sunset at home? Let alone a sunrise. I hardly do (except when I’m shooting!). But on this trip we saw the sunset almost every evening. And it was magical.

At the end of each day, we would cook and then hang out on our camping chairs with a glass of wine in hand and watch the whole sky turn into a shade of gold. It is such a privilege to take the time and opportunity to stop and enjoy beautiful moments like these.

At night, we also got to see the stars if we’re lucky. It was amazing to sleep by the sea and see a million stars above our heads.

10 Reasons to Travel with a Campervan

  • It’s a true comfortable home-on-wheels
  • It offers freedom & flexibility
  • It’s a great way to save money on your travels
  • It offers convenience
  • It makes packing & unpacking easier
  • You get to connect with nature and really unwind
  • You travel slower and deeper and get to explore more hidden gems
  • You consume and waste less, making your travels a bit more eco-friendly
  • It’s a friendly & open-minded community
  • You get to watch the sunset (and maybe sunrise!) everyday!

Have you ever traveled in campervan? Did you like it? If you haven’t yet, I hope this article will inspire you to do so on your next trip! I’ve put everything I thought useful in this little guide to make you want to explore the world differently. You can also check my Instagram stories highlights for more inspiration. And as always, feel free to reach out via the comment on this page, email or DM on Instagram!

With love,

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  1. 2 June 2024 / 19 h 27 min

    Never been into camping but your campervan setup makes it really attractive! I would definitely try it in more remote areas where hotels and guesthouses are not easy to come by… saying that, I have sailed relatively remote areas several times… so that’s campervan on sea!

    • Marina
      4 June 2024 / 11 h 26 min

      Exactly! I’ve never been sailing myself although I’ve stayed in a sailboat a few days (but it was decked) so I’d guessed you’d like a campervan travel!

  2. 2 June 2024 / 20 h 19 min

    Ah I’d love to travel by campervan! It looks like such a fun way to travel and I love the freedom and flexibility it offers! We stayed in a vintage VW camper for a few days once but it was located on a campsite so we didn’t drive it around. That was still a fun experience though! Maybe we’ll get that camper one day 🤞 Thanks for sharing your favourite reasons!

    • Marina
      4 June 2024 / 11 h 25 min

      Aww that sounds amazing tho! Like a unique accommodation! Highly recommend giving campervan travel a try one day, it’s amazing!

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