Paris photography guide – my favorite photo spots during summer

Paris surely is one of the most beautiful city I know. Its unique architecture and beautiful monuments make every locations super photogenic. As an art and photography lover myself, I’m putting here my favorite photo locations in Paris during summer. This is surely the most touristy season but if you go early enough, I assure you that the soft light of the morning sun is worth every lack of sleep! If you’re planning to visit the French capital soon, make sure to keep this photography guide with you while visiting or save it for later !


Can you go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower ? Not really indeed ? Trocadéro is one of my favorite place due to its outstanding viewpoints on the Eiffel Tower. Although it can be hard to take pictures in the middle of large crowds, if you visit it early enough, you will have plenty of beautiful spots to play with. This is why I’d rather go during summer, when the sun rises before 6 am. You can also go down to the river banks to enjoy a picnic with the most beautiful view ever!

Rue de l’Université & Champ de Mars

In Paris, just a usual street can turn into an amazing photo location. One of my favorite is Rue de L’Université. It is a residential street, lined with some nice Haussmanian buildings. The streets there and neighborhood are rather quiet without crowds which is perfect for photos and Instagram shots without any people on the background. Right next to it is the Champ de Mars, where I recommend you to go early to avoid the crowd.

Bir Hakeim

Talking about the best views of the Eiffel Tower, the Pont de Bir Hakeim must be on your list ! I am sure you already know it from the well-known movie Inception (if you don’t, then stop here and go watch it!). Crossing the Seine and entirely made of steel, its unique architecture surely fits perfectly with the Eiffel Tower and gives an aesthetic perspective for photos.

Square Rapp

Another perfect view of the Eiffel Tower is in Square Rapp. This residential square with beautiful Haussmanian buildings surely is one of my favorite spot. As it is a residential area, be sure to come early enough and to be quiet so you don’t disturb the inhabitants here.

Pont Alexandre III

The Pont Alexandre III is my favorite bridge and one of my favorite places in Paris. The bridge itself is an art masterpiece, and every view is unique from one side to another. Play with it, go up and down the stairs, play with the light and enjoy the view !

Arc de Triomphe

Although it is one of the most famous landmarks of Paris, it can be really tough to find the perfect place to take a picture with the Arc de Triomphe and without too many cars. The only tip I can give you is to go there super early on a Sunday morning… (obviously in summer) and be patient! You won’t regret the lack of sleep!

Opéra Garnier

Speaking of waking up early to avoid the cars, Opéra Garnier surely is one of those spots. As the sun rises early during summer, it is easier to take some pictures in front of this beautiful architectural masterpiece, one of my favorite in Paris!


Aside from the well-known Maison Rose, Montmartre is filled with beautiful views. I love the old unique look of this artistic district. This is in this area that you will find the famous sinking house 😉

Jardin des Plantes

I love this garden, a true haven in the middle of this busy city. In the Jardin des Plantes, you will find many different gardens, from the alpine garden to the iris garden, and of course the beautiful roses garden. It blossoms in June with the delicate fragrance of roses blossoms floating in the air.


Jardin du Palais Royal

One of my favorite place to take pictures is the Jardin du Palais Royal. After the beautiful magnolias and daffodils that bloom around mid-late March (read my Photography Guide for the best Blooming Spots in Paris for more information about it), the enchanting roses there bloom around early-June, making the garden a really nice place to relax as soon as the first rays of the sun fall. For an unknown reason for me, not too many people or Instagrammers take pictures in the Jardin, but I like this lush garden with the mixture of old and new architecture in the background.

These are only a few of my favorite spots for pictures, especially during summer, but Paris is such a beautiful city that it has plenty of others beautiful gems. I hope that this photography guide will help you taking beautiful pictures! I am planning to share more photo tips in Paris with you, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you would like to learn more tips regarding “must-see” photo locations or more “hidden gems” ? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. 19 July 2019 / 13 h 39 min

    Your photos are magical! I am truly admirative of your work. And of your ability to wake up so early to make those wonderful photos. Makes me regret my years in Paris!

    • Marichankobe
      19 July 2019 / 17 h 07 min

      Hello Marion, thank you soo much for your kind words! It truly means a lot for me! I hope you can go back to Paris soon then!

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